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Intervista con Nathan Hatfield della Gamelyn Games … i creatori della linea Tiny Epic!

La Gamelyn Games fa giochi piccoli e potenti come proiettili… I Tiny Epic!!! Tiny Epic Galaxies, Tiny Epic Pirates, Tiny Epic Quest, Tiny Epic Dinosaurs, Tiny Epic Zombies. Un intero universo in una scatola piccola piccola.

Quest’estate abbiamo intervistato Nathan Hatfield per due chiacchiere velocissime a proposito di questo strano 2021 e di come i suoi avvenimenti hanno influito sulla sua Gamelyn Games ed i suoi giochi.

1 – Which of your product/distributed/localized board games have come  out this year and which do you consider your flagship for 2021?

NATHAN: Our latest release Tiny Epic Pirates has been a HUGE success and is near selling out! We continue to have localizations release all across the globe. Brazil is a hot bed right now and Tiny Epic Zombies and Tiny Epic Dinosaurs are making waves. Tiny Epic Dungeons will be the flagship of 2021, coming off of our best KS yet. This is the first time that Tiny Epic will be utilizing Miniatures in a game and Dungeons has been a long standing genre people have wanted us to tackle. We also were able to get 40K+ backers which the community should take a bow for.

 2 – Which of your board games in the catalog could have the  characteristics necessary  to reunite the whole family from grandchild  to grandfather around a table? 

NATHAN: Ah, that is great we love having Tiny Epic bringing families together. Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF! It is our most streamlined game and will remind Grandpa of Flash Gordon and Grandson of Star Lord.

 3 – How did COVID-19 impact your activities this year? Did you have to  change your modus operandi?

NATHAN: It was minimal outside of work travel. I am always working from my laptop anyway.

 4 – The open wound of the game’s missed fairs around the world is  still quite painful. Have you noticed that you are able to meet the  requests for novelty even without using these fairs or have you found  shortcomings  ? What feedback have you had from your users?

NATHAN: Of course the interaction with the gamers and fans, along with different scenery certainly has been missed. Virtual convention have not worked out well for us so in person events will be a great addition for everyone again. People MISS US!

We will be attending Essen Spiel as our only convention in 2021 but will have a more regular schedule in 2022. Including Gen Con, Origins and again Essen Spiel our favorite of the year.