2 – First Martians the board game – But why the hell did we land on Mars !!??!!

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Even the board game First Martians – Adventures on the Red Planet lends itself perfectly to one of our fiction reviews… Will there be water on Mars?

Prelude – Logbook

The morale of the team is high. Everyone has a very specific role and it’s a luck for us because it’s only by cooperating that we’re going to survive on Mars, the hostile planet par excellence. There are countless missions ahead of us and NONE of us is expendable. Mission Control has been clear:?“None of you have to die”?after all, we are the First Martians on the Red Planet.

The software that we’ve been given and that we consult objective after objective can also be installed on a smartphone: good,
because Mars is a hostile environment and we can never stay with our hands in our hands. We’ll have to build, explore and research..
That’s what our daily routine is all about. The astronauts in the crew are all in good health. Of course someone has his fisimes, his weaknesses and his abilities. Engineers. doctors, geologists and scientists: everyone here on Mars will have a task and everyone will be put to the test.

Mission Control has, however, prioritized everything we need to do: we will have Mandatory Goals and Optional Goals to achieve, but all objectives will need to be achieved in a very certain number of rounds (Mission Control calls them SOL).

In the HUB,where we live, everything has to work at its best (even the Games Room) and in case of failure we will necessarily have to intervene with all our skills. Neither
oxygen leaks,
worn spare parts, no probe malfunctions will be tolerated… in the long run it’s all about everyone’s life.

But why the hell did we land on Mars? Because this is where we will test ourselves:
missions are but ordinary administration for trained astronauts like us (although sometimes they will be a race against time). But they’re not the hardest part. The Maze ofthe Night awaits us…. and very often what happens to us will depend on the unpredictability
of the Red Planet.

Welcome to the board game First Martians!!

On the table2 square meters
MaterialGreat, durable and well designed
FunAfter overcoming the first difficulties of understanding

the game has so much fun, alone or in the company


A little more ..

The board game First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet, beyond the difficulty of interpretation and the shortcomings of the rule book, is a board game that returns a lot in terms of setting,
immersion, depth and replayability. It is definitely not a
filler (n.d.r. game used to fill time gaps between major events): it is a game for teens and adults, a game to play in your house and not on the beach: you need to study and still patiently memorize its rules and order the information gleaned from various sources in an organic whole… after all, it’s a space station to be managed on a hostile planet.
It is precisely the lack, however, of a rigidly predetermined path to be the guarantee of a real active participation of the players: it is really you who ensure the success of a mission or a campaign (about the campaigns in First Martians we will talk later in further deepening).

The 4 closed envelopes that we will be told to open only at a certain time of a campaign.

The components are good (and very well-crafted):

1 game board miniatures 15 special dice (12 of 3 different colors) 12  action tokens 125  cubes and plastic tokens of various color 150  cards 4 player ID cards 19 cards ROI 13 tiles structure 8 tiles Stop 8 tiles Improvement 135  counters regulation

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