1 – Dracula is still alive: Fury of Dracula

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Count Dracula protected by his hidden location in his reference map  thought grimly about what strategy to use against the Hunters.. He knew their  character cards one by one. Hadn’t he faced them once in the not-so-distant past? He would have got to use his  morsmore than once (and Mina Harker well remember!). Did  the Hunters think they could slow him down or even defeat him (bah!!) with their Consecrated Soil  tokens??

They had stopped  him once, it is undeniable .. but the cunning and experience this time would have helped him to triumph… and the accounts would be settled. The Hunters: Professor Abraham Van Helsing, Madam Wilhelmina Harker, Dr. John Seward and Lord Godalming would defeat him  only by cooperating. Victory would have been for them of all or none, and even this factor would have played in his favor.  They would take turns  obeying rules that he could ignore by hiding in the shadows. And He would  create Vampires  AND IMBOSCATE..

His blood  would never have gone down to zero, not before he killed them one by one. Maybe with the help of that  Quincey P. Morris who once tried to thwart him and now as an  unsoled killer  obeyed his commands.

Western and Eastern Europe would be its hunting ground (and your game board), would move secretly from one city to another using its  Dracula Location Cards and attack with its  Dracula Powers Cards. The whole world would be his personal  Catacomba and in each of these he would leave unforgettable breads (or  Encounters)for his persecutors.

Among the themed board games,Dracula’s Fury is one of the most evocative. Never had any board game allowed us to embody all the perfidy and predisposition to evil of the most famous Count (and villain) of world literature and cinema.